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Montecito has the best of California living. Forest abounds around the city, while the beautiful blue waters of the ocean lap at its shore.

Welcome to Montecito

Serenity is a state of living in the private oasis they call Montecito


Montecito has the best of California living. Forest abounds around the city, while the beautiful blue waters of the ocean lap at its shore. It’s a private community that provides residents with a peaceful lifestyle. Living here can feel like escaping to a luxurious retreat. Locals live in historic houses, Spanish-inspired villas, large estates, and cozy bungalows. Near the ocean and surrounded by trees. Gardens line every street, allowing locals to delight in their beauty. Serenity is a state of living here.

Escaping the intrusions of life a little further south, with all the beauty and luxuries California is known for, the local community comes from all walks of life. Residents enjoy living in a space that isn’t focused on status, whether a major CEO, a famous face, or a local novice surfer. The community here is about letting everyone live their life and what a life in Montecito can be! It’s a place of stunning nature, endless hiking trails, botanical gardens like Lotus Land, and bustling communities like Coast Village Road.

What to love

Local lifestyle

Laid-back beach vibes permeate every corner of life in Montecito. From luxurious villas in the hills to cozy beach bungalows, everyone in town has a sense of stress-free ease about them. It’s easy when you live somewhere with constantly near-perfect weather, paradise-inspired views, and the bounties of nature surrounding you. Life in Montecito affords residents privacy in a community that respects the peace of retreats.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Walking along the streets of Montecito, the sea breeze wafts in the wair, crashing waves create a soothing soundtrack, and restaurants and shops abound. The city is full of lush gardens, overflowing foliage, and perfect spots to stop and take in the view. While nature is a significant part of life in Montecito, locals also love spending a day looking through the wares of San Ysidro Village. There is a myriad of boutiques, antique shops, and eateries elevating the quality of living for those in town. 
After a long day out on the trails, the water, or just shopping, residents enjoy culinary creations crafted by masterful chefs. Honor Bar serves American classics and fusion-inspired dishes that delight the taste buds. Beautiful confections are plated aside artisanal drinks and on the air patio, often alongside residents' favorite friends. Man’s best friend and Montecito’s best bar are the perfect pairings.

Dinner with dogs is always delightful, but Montecito also has a way of providing luxurious experiences that don’t take themselves too seriously. Bountiful vines of pink and purple flowers thickly cover trellises at San Ysidro Ranch. Dining outside means staring off into the ocean over the city's lush greenery. Locals feel whisked away to the Spanish Coast, sipping aromatic wines and mouth-watering treats. While the restaurants of San Ysidro Ranch are enchanting, it’s a not so well kept secret that Lucky’s has the best wine selection available. Lining the walls of the private dining room in a beautiful array is a collection of wine along wooden shelving. Beyond the intimate surroundings of the wine collection, there’s a romantic garden covered in beautiful twinkling lights. The steakhouse has a glamorous feel reminiscent of old Hollywood, not to mention the freshest seafood.

Things To Do

Hiking through the beach and woods is life in Montecito, and the endless crisscrossing of trails is an ode to that lifestyle. Part of what gives the town its captivating allure is that it’s an oasis of vegetation and natural marvels. There’s a carefree feel to the way residents go about exploring it. 
Tangerine Falls is a favorite destination for getting lost in the woods. The 2.5-mile hike leads to the cascading fall of water from 875 feet in the air. Finding a quiet moment beside the pond below, locals bask in the serenity. Of course, getting lost in nature doesn’t take a hike in the woods in these parts. Walking through the tranquil gardens of Lotus Land, residents discover a wide arrange of the local vegetation. The sanctuary is marked by lily pads covering ponds, cacti, and aloe vera with wild arms stretching for the sky and lattice archways shaded by carefully architected lemon trees. Living in a city that feels like a retreat filled with separate sanctums makes it easy to be filled with a sense of care-free ease.

That’s not to say that everything in town moves with the slow sway of a hammock. There’s still some hustle and bustle amongst the people. Coast Village Road has a constant throng of bodies moving in and out of the boutiques, cafes, and eateries. The sound of chatter fills the streets from bistro patios filled with boisterous locals celebrating the effortless living Montecito breeds. Life here may feel like a sea breeze, and it is, but it’s also an exciting place to live.


Life is driven by education, and Montecito believes in fostering that drive. Schools to look into include: 

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